How I work

I will provide you with a safe, confidential space to help you feel comfortable either for Hypnosis in Torquay or Hypnosis in Exeter  My intention is to create an environment where, with my help, you can begin to explore any difficult or unwanted feelings in your life.


Within this safe environment you will be accepted, un-judged, and supported.  During our working relationship, I will empathise with your feelings and emotions that you bring to our sessions; during which time my reactions will remain congruent to my own true feelings.

The Sessions

During our sessions you will have the opportunity to explore any difficult or unwanted emotions, and I will support you through this process.  We will aim at discovering your inner strengths.  Once you are aware of these strengths, you will be able to build on them and begin to use them each day.  We will work together to develop tools and skills to improve your psychological wellbeing

I am able to draw on a wide range of therapeutic techniques, which enables me to use the therapy that best suits your needs.

I am experienced in working with:

Each person that comes to see me is different – unique.  Whatever they bring to the session is what is most important.

First Time

You may be considering hypnotherapy for the first time and this may seem a bit daunting to you.  To ease this, as a form of introduction, I like to offer an initial session where we can explore why you would like hypnotherapy and what you would like to get out of our sessions.  This will also give you a chance to assess your experience of me as a hypnotherapist and decide if my style is right for you.