Fear of Driving

Overcome your Fear of Driving

Fear-of-drivingMany people experience a fear of driving at some point in their lives. Particularly on today’s roads where they can be gridlocked, busy and you face many aggressive drivers racing around like they own the road.

So I would not be surprised many of you experience this fear. Through Hypnotherapy and NLP I can help you face this fear and overcome it so you become a calmer and more confident driver.

The best news is that you were not born with this fear or phobia. These fears are formed as a learned response from negative or traumatic experiences. For example, you might have been involved in a road accident or have witnessed an accident, or simply you were faced with an aggressive driver who made you feel less confident.

If you experience other forms of stress during the times you drive then even minor pressures of driving can potentially give you an anxiety or panic attack. Your unconscious mind will then recall this experience when you are in similar situations, which could start a driving phobia.

Having a fear of driving can really limit your options and freedom in life. It can take form in many ways, depending on each individual’s experience. You might feel comfortable driving within your local area but have a deep fear of venturing out any further. You might be confident driving during the day but have a fear of driving during the night. It might be motorways that scare you or busy cities or overtaking other cars. The different types of fear are endless, but the good news is through hypnotherapy and NLP I will be able to help you overcome these fears.

For all the other fears and phobias that can be found within your unconscious mind, using hypnosis and NLP can help you release and replace these negative thoughts, fears and behaviours with positive ones, meaning that in the future you will feel more calm and confident when you drive.