Fear of Heights

Using Hypnosis to relieve a Fear of Heights

Fear-of-heightsHaving a fear for heights is a natural human response. For some people who experience a dangerous event associated with heights, that fear can be replaced by panic and anxiety attacks. For example this event could of happened when you climbed a tall ladder, looked out the window on the top floor of a building or looked out over the edge of a cliff.

The good news is that I can help you overcome this fear. Through hypnosis and NLP you can access your unconscious mind where your fears are stored and you can replace those fears with positive thoughts and confidence.

Fear of heights usually takes hold the moment you either get near to, or when you look over the edge of a long steep drop. The sudden dread of falling over this edge is normally the basis of this fear.

Your unconscious mind sees this as a negative experience and warns you this is dangerous. Your imagination starts to take over and begins to show you situations where how you could accidently fall over this edge, this in turn gives you an adrenalin rush and panic sets in.

Through hypnotherapy and NLP I can help you change and overcome this fear, enabling you to be calm and feeling confident around heights.