Phobia and Worries

Let go of that Phobia with Hypnotherapy

PPhobias-and-worrieshobias are irrational states of fear. The individual may understand that the fear they have is irrational, but they may sometimes feel they are unable to consciously control that fear. They may have a fear of flying fear of heights or more commonly a fear of spiders. It might be something like they are scared of chickens or imperfections. The list is endless.

Suffering from a phobia can really limit your options in life. Your phobia might have started when you were young, maybe it was a learned behaviour from another family member or might have started from a negative life experience, like suddenly realising a big spider is running up your arm.

The good news is to realise that your phobias can be identified and removed. Through hypnotherapy I can help you identify the root cause, helping you to overcome and free yourself from your phobia. Negative thoughts, beliefs and behaviours can be replaced with positive ones, enabling you to overcome your phobias and begin living your life to it’s full potential.