Sports Hypnosis

Improve your Sports Performance

OuSports-hypnosisr mental attitude can be very important when we compete in a sport, it can be the key difference to just competing or winning. Many top athletes know the importance of this mental attitude and employ mind coaches to work alongside their physical training to help reach their goal.

Using hypnotherapy and NLP I can help you improve your sports performance and winning attitude.

This combination of therapies help you access your unconscious mind where negative behavioural patterns and self-beliefs can be replaced for positive ones. This positive change in your self-belief and gaining a winning attitude can improve your performance quicker than other therapies.

Using this combination of Hypnosis and NLP I can help retrain both your conscious and unconscious mind helping you to:

  • Feel more relaxed
  • Improve confidence and self-belief
  • Feel less anxious and overcome mental blocks
  • Improve motivation and endurance
  • Improve your focus
  • Gain a winning perspective

All this can make a big difference to whether you are just a participator in a sport, or a winner.