Weight Loss

Weight-lossTrying to lose weight can sometimes be very frustrating. You might lose a little bit of weight to begin with and you feel great, but then slowly the pounds start to pile back on and you find yourself back at square one.

Most diet plans just focus on what you eat. Hypnotherapy is different and instead helps change the way you think about what you eat. This is effective as negative thoughts and feeling are what can cause you to over-indulge, eat the wrong things and use food as a tool for self-comfort.

You may feel bored, upset, stressed or have a low self-esteem and a chocolate bar is a tempting quick fix to help you feel better. Through hypnosis I can help you learn to enjoy healthier choices of foods, like salads and healthy home cooked meals instead of fast-food, takeaways and binging on the likes of chocolate and sweets.

Using hypnotherapy you can access your unconscious mind where negative patterns of behaviour like choosing the wrong foods and instead change and retrain yourself to have a positive relationship with food and exercise. You will feel more confident with this positive approach to food and exercise and therefore will lose weight healthily and more sensibly.